29 Apr 2016

Why would Gentlemen include inner trimmings in their shirt

Why would Gentlemen include inner trimmings in their shirt

Trimmings :The material component except main fabric which  are used  in the garments are called trimming or accessories .Besides fabric various additional things are use for making garments .Fore the example sewing thread ,button, etc .There are two types of  trimming  .They are 
(a)visible trimming& 
(b) invisible trimming .Visible trimming can be seen  from outside of the garments 

Some function of trimmings are for decorative purpose. If you realised, many who tailored their shirts tend to include inner trimmings so that their shirts can look handsome and unique. That is one of the benefits for approaching tailors in Singapore. Similarly, trimmings can help one to identify the difference between the shirts from off-the-rack and shirts that are tailor made.

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