20 May 2016

15 Mistakes Men Make and Should Avoid in Wearing Tailor Made Suits

15 Common Mistakes Men make in wearing Suits

Hey gentlemen, not getting compliments on your suit? Maybe there is something wrong with your suit. Check out the 15 mistakes man make while wearing a suit.

Anyone can put on a suit, but the way they wear it make them different. Wearing a suit in the right way make a man look extremely dapper while a single mistake will ruin overall look. It doesn’t matter whether you wear an expensive suit or inexpensive suit, but the way you wear it matters a lot. Here are 15 mistakes that men make in wearing suits, along with tips on how to fix it and look good in a suit.

15 Mistakes Men Make and Should Avoid in Wearing Suits

1. Improper Tie Bar

tie bar guide

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A tie bar or tie clip is a tiny piece of men’s accessory, but add a lot to the outfit. Have a look at the tie bar guide showing the proper tie bar width and where to clip it.

2. Mismatches shoes and suit

matching shoes and suits

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Wrong shoes will kill your whole look. You should match color of the shoes perfectly to the color of your suit. Here are the examples to help you what shoes color goes with what suit color.

3. Fastening all buttons

button rules for suits

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Buttoning all the buttons of your suit jacket looks stiff. Avoid fastening all the buttons. Always keep the bottom button unbuttoned of your jacket. Here is the complete guide showing “Sometimes, Always, Never” button rule.

4. Wrong Tie Selection

tie matching guide

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So many men wear wrong tie with their outfits. Choosing a shade and/or pattern that complements your shirt & suit is very important. This ultimate guide to matching shirts and ties will surely help you, especially if you want to tailor shirt singapore

5. Matching Ties and Pocket Squares

pocket square and tie

A pocket square adds masculine charm to your suit, but matching it with your tie is a total faux-pas. Never exactly match your necktie and pocket square in either design or fabric, coordinate them instead.

6. Wrong Belt-Shoes Combination

belt and shoes combination

Yes, gentlemen never do this! Wear a belt that matches your shoes in terms of color and finish. If you opt to wear a brown leather shoes, then it will be best to go for a brown leather belt.

7. Wrong Socks Selection

wrong colour socks

Wearing socks that are short and not matching with your suit pants is really a bad idea. So next time don’t forget to match/coordinate socks with pant, which should be long enough not to expose your hairy skin while crossing the legs.

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8. Over-Accessorizing

over accessorize

The accessories or pieces of jewelry are designed to complement the outfit and the look, but overdoing this can become tacky. For example, avoid lapel pin, if you are already wearing tie bar and cufflinks.

9. Wearing backpacks with suits

backpacks with suits

Another common blunder! A backpack may be comfortable to carry, but wearing it over a formal suit? It can ruin your look. You still be comfortable and look stylish by carrying a sling bag or a leather attaché case.

10. Sit down without unbuttoning

unbutton suit jacket when sitting

Never forget to unbutton your suit before sitting down to avoid the risk of ruining it and button popping. It will let you to sit more comfy and prevent creases too. Opt for wrinkle free material when you tailor shirt singapore

11. Shirt collar outside suit lapel

shirt collar over lapel

Hey man, what’s wrong? Are you wearing a shirt collar outside a suit lapel? Not a smart movement! Don’t try to pop your shirt collar outside your suit lapel. Choose your collar wisely before heading to the tailors in in Singapore

12. Leaving sleeve tags & vents stitches

sleeve tags on suits

This makes you look like an amateur! Before your first wear, unstitch the jacket’s pockets and blazer vents. Also remove the brand label/tag from the jacket’s sleeves. Do it very carefully.

13. Cuffing pants and sleeves

cuffed pants

Do not fold up your suit jacket sleeves or pant if it is too big or long. It looks very untrendy. Take them to a tailor and get them hemmed according to your height/size.

14. Wearing crew neck undershirt

crew neck or v neck undershirt

An undershirt popping out of your dress shirt doesn’t look good. If you are wearing a tee under a dress shirt, then choose to wear a v-neck or deep neck undershirt instead of crew neck. Best tailor in Singapore can easily overcome this issue by recommending a thicker tailor made shirt.

15. Choosing a casual belt with a suit

casual belt vs. dress belt

Wearing a casual belt with an awesome suit will ruin your over all look. Avoid wearing Hollister belts or other casual belts with a formal suit.

8 Tips Smart Men always consider while wearing a Suit

  1. If you have a bit of a bubble butt, then you should go for a single vent. Double vent or no vent is going to suit better if you are short, tall, large or small man.
  2. Dimpling your tie or not is your choice, but the nicely dimpled tie gives a polished look to your finished look. So it is better to go for the dimple.
  3. Choose a single-button peak-lapel jacket for a trendy look, double-button for professional look.
  4. Thin lapels are more stylish while wide lapels are old-fashioned.
  5. Match your tie knot with your collar size. For example: Big collar = big knot, Small or little collar = Small or little knot.
  6. A good personality man always keeps his shoes clean and polished, so don’t leave your shoes dirty.
  7. Make sure that your tie should always be darker than your shirt.
  8. Do not wear a tie bar with a waistcoat or a cardigan, because the main purpose of tie clip is to hold the tie in place.

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